miniokami (miniokami) wrote,

I'm new too :3

Hello :) I just joined a few days ago so I thought I should introduce myself. I have caught the Pokedoll bug so I've gone on a buying spree of pokedolls. I recently got my pokedoll from wingedparadox I got an adorable Lucario and I love it. I have been collecting tcg since the base set came out and I still have a lot of them, maybe someday I'll work on getting sales permission since I'm moving into collecting plushies. Anyways I have my little collection under the cut (beware of many pics)

My pokemon :3 just an overall view of everybody

And now some close ups

There's my new Lucario :) and a bunch of other stuff

Flareon was my first pokedoll only got her about a week ago, got lugia in the mail today too

More of my stuffies the Pikachu in the bottom left came off my bday cake many years ago lol

My giant sometimes derpy Eevee

My Marill spinner and tomys

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