miniokami (miniokami) wrote,

Miniokami Wants List!

My current wants *Updated 2020 :3

Vulpix Line:

Vulpix Egg Plush

Vulpix Canvas

Vulpix Peeking Promo in bag plush

Ninetales Tomy Figure

Alola Ninetales PC Plush

Backpack Sleeping Vulpix (2018 lucky bag promo)

Vulpix crystal promo (literally everything here!)

Fennekin Line:

Fennekin Face Cushion

Rockruff Line:

Rockruff Fuzzy Tomy

Dawn Lycanroc PC Plush

Growlithe Line:

Arcanine Banpresto Figure

Growlithe PC plush


Sylveon Amie Promo Plush (Pokepuff one)

Lifesize Sylveon (GRAIL)


Bootie Shiny Vaporeon plush (secondhand only)

Vaporeon Canvas


Lillie’s Bag (either Pokeball tote or pink bag)

G.E.M. Serena Figure

Look from the stars promo backpack

Non-Pokemon (Any of these items are wanted for my collection but are not Pokemon related):

Okamiden Chibiterasu Plush Pillow e-CAPCOM Limited Edition (GRAIL of ALL GRAILS)

Spice & Wolf Holo Chara-Mofu Plush (GRAIL)

*The pictures I am using are not mine, if you see a picture that you want removed please let me know*
Tags: arcanine, fennekin, growlithe, lycanroc, ninetales, okami, okamiden, persona, rockruff, sylveon, vaporeon, vulpix

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